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ref date:10 Jul 1998 (WBA)
Blairs Scottish trip a sad joke

One of Blairs erstwhile Scottish boot lickers said of Blairs visit to Scotland "He's our greatest asset as a campaigner and we welcome him. He will focus on what the Government is delivering on policies for Scotland in terms of jobs and the economy and he will be contrasting this with the Nationalists who have one agenda - to break up Britain."

This person has missed the whole point.

The majority of Scots know that an independent Scotland can survive as an independent trading partner within the E.U.

Countries with fewer resources already do, Denmark to name just one.

The lie is being ignored after 300 years, and the fact is no one cares about 'Britain' - Great or otherwise and no one who has studied the effects of the so called Union will stand by it.

The "Union" is a leftover from Englands imperial days.

Blair had better realise the game is up. His power base of Scottish voters is about to dissolve, perhaps he wants to try machine guns mounted on armoured cars as Churchill suggested to break the Clydeside shipping strikes just after World War I.

I think not.