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ref date:20 Nov 2000 (WBA)
By-elections show Labour running scared and lying

There are two by-elections this week that the SNP have a good chance of winning, putting further pressure on the pro-London, pro-British, anti-Scottish Labour party!

Labour is trying to increase doubts over the SNp policy of independence saying all the piddling remains of Scotlands once proud ship building industry would no longer get MOD orders.

Actually this is NOT true. Westminster has to tender out these bids under European law and an independent Scotland could bid the same way the Germans do!

The money we'd save on the wasteful Trident upkeep would pay for highly modern yards to be built that could compete with the Germans and the lack-lustre Souther English yards.

It also seems that Tommy Sheridan is staying true to his colours and reminding the electorate that Labour is the party of a divided people. Making the rich super rich and the poor absolutely destitute. Sheridan pointed out that 500 people in Britain earned 5bn ($8 billion) last year. We Scots still have 60,000 kids in poverty and their dum b parents keep voting for Labour, too cowardly to vote for their freedom under the SNP.