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ref date:15 May 1998 (WBA)
What Scots Say About New Labour NOW

Many Scots young and old, life long Labour voters and 'first timers' have seen new Labour in action and now want and independent Scotland, goverened by the SNP......

Here are some comments

"I voted for change, but nothing has changed, we are just getting more of the same. Income tax has gone up, council tax has gone up and hospital waiting lists are increasing."

"There is still the sleaze factor in things like Robin Cook's affair and they don't seem to have fully controlled the problems in the local authorities in the south of Scotland. And would people have voted for them if they had known before the election that they would introduce student tuition fees"

"Tony Blair seems more interested in winning the votes of Middle England and dining with celebrities than anything else. I certainly won't vote for them again, and will probably vote SNP."

"The introduction of student tuition fees has put me off them totally and I would vote SNP if there was an election tomorrow. Next year my grant will be cut in half and although I can get a bigger loan I will have to pay more money back."

"I haven't seen or heard anything that would convince me to vote for any of them, especially Tony Blair who is slimy and insincere. I get the impression that no-one is allowed to have a personal opinion and they are all slapped down and forced to take the corporate view."

And one older gentleman who is STILL pro new Labour "A year is not a long time for a government to change things around. It will need two or three years to put its ideas into practice. I think overall it has done a pretty decent job over the last 12 months and there has been too much criticism. I am not worried about the rise of the SNP at the moment."

Back to those who have seen th light....

"I cannot see any positive, tangible signs that things are improving under Labour. After a year people are realising that and looking somewhere else."

"We (the SNP)have enjoyed surges in the past and then fallen back, but I think this time it will be sustained. The step people took in voting for devolution made many wake up to the idea of independence."