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ref date:10 Oct 2002 (si)
Tories hate even the pitiful devolved Scottish parliament
Tory and Labour alike see no real need for the devolved Scottish 'parliament' anymore. It was always a smoke screen to help muffle voices calling for independence for Scotland and an end to the illegally established (under duress and threat of war) United Kingdom Union.

Speaking at the Tory party conference in Bournemouth, Mr McLetchie said: "We need fewer MSPs, fewer ministers, fewer civil servants and fewer committees, with MSPs spending more time focusing on the issues of the day and holding the executive to account."

Basically, the Scottish parliament has NO power over issues that matter, like defence, oil and gas revenue, transportation and with voices calling ever louder "FOUL", over the veto and line towing UNIONIST Labour and Tory parties, they would like to see the Scottish parliament DEAD.