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ref date:12 May 2001 (WBA)
Canal plan for central Scotland a wet dream?

The Forth an Clyde canal connected the North sea to the Atlantic ocean and brought bustling trade to Scotland. now, after years of neglect, there are plans to build along stretches of the canal, repair it and open it up once more.

However, ALL walkways along these canal banks are , under Scottish Law, public rights of way. The canal will be repaired with public cash, but then private firms will build expensive houses, all but sealing of access to parts of the canal in Kilsyth. Other companies will follow.

They promise 'public footpaths', but the public want CHEAP access to boat ANYWHERE on the canal, to fish, swim and picnic. I cant see these private homes allowing that unless they are reminded that ALL tow and access paths/tracks ARE legal public rights of way.