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ref date:22 Nov 2000 (SI)
Dennis Canavan a Labour target again?

Labours Scottish MP selection process has been shown to favour the placement of people who may sound and look Scottish, but who owe their allegiance NOT to Scotland, but to the continuance of the Scottish-English Union and to the Labour party of Westminster.

Canavan had flirted with the idea of rejoining the Labour fold rather than standing as a SUCCESSFUL independent, however, he withdrew his application citing problems with the selection process AGAIN, as defined and controlled from England by Tony Blair and his anti-Scottish mob.

Canavan said "I was told even before the elections to the Scottish parliament last year that some people at a very senior level in the party had come to the conclusion the selection system of candidates was fundamentally flawed. "
"I was told the party had also received legal advice that the selection system was so flawed and indeed such a shambles that it would not stand up to any challenge in court."
He went on to say "That concern was reported to party HQ in London and also to the prime minister's office but nothing was done about it. They decided to carry on regardless defending the indefensible and in my case to continue sending out negative press briefings to try to discredit me."

"I have no confidence in people like that and no confidence in the Labour leadership. I therefore do not want to join the Labour Party under the present leadership."