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ref date:28 Dec 2000 (HEA)
Smoke induced and Cell phone cancers undeserving?

It seems that 60% of people in the "UK" think that smokers bring lung cancer upon themselves, and its true, its medically substantiated. However, 88% of Scots think that these lung cancer patients deserve care at least as good as non smokers.

Why? Did they pay EXTRA insurance to care for their inevitable contraction of lung and heart related diseases all these years they smoked - NO! Sure they paid tax on their drug of choice but that doesn't exclude their mental process from accepting the risk they took.

Racing drivers and sky divers pay extra insurance, why shouldn't smokers?

It seems likely that within 12-18 months we'll get definitive legal grounds and soon thereafter INDEPENDENT medical confirmation of cancers and other cell/blood related disease caused by constant cell phone chatter, AND PROBABLY BY CHRONIC EXPOSURE TO LOW LEVELS OF MICROWAVE emissions from cellular towers/arrays.

People who use cell phones should also be paying extra tax based on their use as more talking will lead to more exposure and a higher probability of microwave induced cellular damage.