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ref date:19 Jun 1998 (HEA)
Cancer pushers off the hook?

SHARES in BAT Industries reflected the market's relief yesterday over the death of the landmark McCain tobacco bill in the US senate.

The dealers are more interested in profit than the lies and severe health risks this industry has apparently being hiding for years.

BAT stock rose 1.3 per cent in London after tobacco stocks powered ahead in the US in reaction to the news, with Philip Morris gaining nearly 5 per cent.

What is really sickening, is that even if the US state legislatures get money from the tobacco companies to offset the vast cost of treating the millions of US citizens suffering from smoking related diseases, the SAME US companies will continue peddling there wares in Europe.

I believe the European Court should look at its own class action attack on so called 'big tobacco' to obtain cash from these US companies who are not worried about the effects their products are having on their European 'customers'.