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ref date:3 Oct 2000 (WBA)
SNP set to win by election

Dennis Canavan, a Labour MP for 25 years turned his back on his party since it has become the 'New Tories'. Dennis stood as an independent and now gives up his seat in Westminster forcing a by-election in his old constituency of Falkirk West.

The SNP are likely not only to win this seat, but use it to highlight the degree to which the labour executive of the Scottish parliament does as Tony Blair and Labours central office in Millbank London tells it.

Canavan said "Yes, I am a unionist, a trade unionist. I don't lose any sleep about the possibility of Scotland becoming an independent nation state, provided the people are not bounced into it."

He went on to say "There should be a healthy debate. If you believe, as I do, in the sovereignty of the people of Scotland, then it is up to them to decide."