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ref date:26 Mar 1999 (EU)
Smaller European countries do well in EU budgets

Two reasons why the Scots need to be independent and full members of the EU.

[1] Finance
[2] Full voice within Europe


The table below shows what would happen if Scotland were to become an independent nation and was accepted in the European Union (as it surely would because of its " better European Attitude " and economic muscle)

It is easy to see that and independent Scotland would have a direct voice of 16 Members in the European Parliament (MEPs), and their voice would concentrate on what was good for Scotland, not what Westminster thought was good for the " UK " i.e. England!!!

It doesn't take a genius to see that the other small European states are better represented than Scotland is, gagged and subdued as it is currently by Westminsters mad whims, fancies and delusions ! These Scottish MEPs could wholeheartedly and with the backing of their Nation fight to protect Scottish interests, which is more than the Westminster controlled department of Agriculture did as the " mad cow scare " escalated (One wonders who the mad cows were?).

Country number seats population (millions)
Germany 99 83
France 87 58
Italy 87 57
the United Kingdom (England/Wales/N.Ireland) 71 (down from 87 if Scotland were independent) 53
Spain 64 39
the Netherlands 31 15
Belgium 25 10
Greece 25 10
Portugal 25 10
Sweden 22 9
Austria 21 8
Denmark 16 5
Scotland 16 projected on population 5
Finland 16 5
Ireland 15 4
Luxembourg 6 0.5

Even with Scotlands large reserves of gas and Oil, the large neglected areas of the country would ensure the Scots would fair better financially from the EU as a direct member than scraping a living off Londons leftovers.