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ref date:5 Dec 1997 (HEA)
Scottish health service?

The Scottish (Labour) minister for health,Sam Galbraith, is positioning himself to seize NHS assets worth£3000m and place them directly under Scottish Office authority - a plan to "tartanise" the health service in Scotland.

A new Health White Paper to be published in Scotland next week, should give Galbraith these new powers that will allow him to seize the cash raised by NHS trusts.

These NHS trusts were a Tory idea that led to the massive sell of NHS "silver", land , building etc, to raise funds for the NHS as the Tory government would not fund the NHS fully.

The problem here is once Labour makes the Scottish NHS independent , it WILL NOT be independent as the Scottish economy and funding levels will still be set by London.

Hurrah for another pulling the wool over the eyes of Scotlands Labour voters...