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ref date:27 Sep 2002 (si)
Alex Salmond puts Blair and Bush on the spot
In spite of the SNPs recent lack of full and clear adherence to a policy of rapid independence for Scotland that has alienated some of the faithful, Alex Salmond the once leader of the SNP made a superb speech at the SNP party conference in Inverness concerning Iraq.

He said "Now, if a handful of the Florida chads had gone the other way then Al Gore would be president, there would be a different policy in the White House and you can bet your bottom dollar that Tony Blair would be pursuing a different policy in London."

Alex echoes the sentiment of most Europeans, that this is Blair acting like the governor of a US state rather than the supposed leader of a supposed "United" Kingdom.

Mr Salmond' views on Kosovo landed him in deep trouble, but this time he hit the right chord.

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