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ref date:21 Jun 1999 (EU)
Blair back-peddling over Euro currency

Whilst the economy in Scotland suffers due to the over valued and obsolete Bank of England controlled pound, and whilst interest rates are set too high, again by the Bank of England - Blair waits to see currency dealers rape profit from the Euro currency.

Blairs fiddling with words as the Euro is pounded, he hopes to keep Tories voting Labour and get out of any commitment to Europe. His statements made this weekend may that clear: Blair said :

"We have got to make it (the Euro) work for Britain and in order to make it work for Britain we have got to remain engaged with it and to walk away and retreat to the sidelines is just a foolish perspective."


"Of course, Britain can be outside Europe, there is no doubt about that at all".


We survive because Scotland and England trade with Europe, we can no more be outside the E.U. and THRIVE than have no oxygen and still breath!

Like Thatcher before him, Blair is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the jingoistic flag wavers who'd have us reconquer the world and reinstate the British Empire. What a collection of losers.