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ref date:27 Jul 1999 (EU)
Blair - two years on and still delaying joining the Euro

Blair loves discussion groups (as long as his yes men heads the team).

Blair loves to make the people think they and not he are at the helm.

Now we have the Euro, the only way to obtain long term stability in the EU, under attack by Blairs currency dealers and Blair uses the Euros "UK" induced weakness as an excuse not to hold a referendum.

He is pandering to an elite city group who bank rolled his corrupt party in 1997. He has turned his back on the EU and 'British' business to keep the outdated pound, regardless of the cost in jobs and quality of living.

Blair said "Don't close the door on it. We have got no need to do that. We can take the decision in our own time according to the economic tests we have set out."

IE "We'll sit on the fence until the currency vultures have pecked the Euro to death, I'll avoid a referendum and the US dollar and Mr Greenspan will love me"