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ref date:6 Oct 1998 (EU)
Scottish sovereignty applauded by leading Cardinal

Cardinal Thomas Winning told an influential audience in Brussels that in Scotland there had been a "growing realisation that our future as a nation is European".

He went on to say that Scottish Nationalism had "become mature, respectful and international in outlook".

The SNP leader, Alex salmond said " This is a visionary and forward-looking statement by Cardinal Winning which recognises the inclusive nature of Scottish nationalism. It presents a mature and positive analysis of the Scottish constitutional debate to a wider European audience."

The Cardinal said in summing up "Nationhood within Europe seems to be the combination which is proving attractive for growing numbers of fellow citizens. But I should make it clear right from the outset that the nationalism in question has nothing in common with the aggressive and violent nationalism which has scarred the Balkans, nor does it mirror the loud-mouthed rhetoric of the Lega del Nord in Italy or the xenophobic propaganda of the Front National in France. Democrats can be reassured that the emerging sense of nationhood and political nationalism in Scotland is unique in European terms. It is mature, respectful of democracy and international in outlook."

Labour and their chief inquisitor in Scotland, Helen Liddell, have been toying with the notion of making Scottish Nationalism appear in the same light as fascist or murderous groups in Europe. The Cardinals speech helps dispell this overt lie that Labour has been helping push along.