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ref date:7 Oct 2002 (edu)
Affirmative action another BAD US sponsored idea
Whilst there is no reason to exclude a potential university candidate based on race, there is no reason to artificially increase available spaces for certain ethnic classes either.

The USA has now almost learned this. You should be at University based on intellectual prowess, not on your wealth or your social background.

However, both Edinburgh University (my Alma mater) and St Andrews University in Scotland are set to introduce affirmative action places to encourage those from diverse social groups to enter University even if their grades are 2 or three levels below that of another candidate just because they are from poorer families.

This is a BAD, BAD idea. It lets the so called Scottish parliament and Westminster say 'LOOK, we have broadened university entrances to the poorest in society", rather than spending money and setting good policy and saying "Look, the comprehensive schools have produced as many bright young people as private schools and we WILL give them grants/scholarships to go"

This affirmative action is destructive and discriminatory and will be challenged in the European courts as it has been for years in the USA.