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ref date:15 Dec 2000 (ECON)
Clinton blind to world poverty

Whilst President Clinton extolled the virtues of many global companies, in spite of their reputation for exploitative workplace behaviour and indifference to the worlds eco-system he had the temerity to say "at the core of the national characters of the British and American people is the belief in the inherent dignity and equality of all people".

Thats why millions of Americans live below the official US poverty level and 1% of all Scots are below the EU poverty level I suppose. That is why both the US and "UK" governments are installing illegal wiretap systems to gather information on your email and web based habits (all without court orders)?

The world does NOT exist simply to carry on the wishes of large corporations, they should be partners in our lives and not the masters of what we think, do or believe in.

The greatest example is the threat to world health caused by the uncontrolled lust for money from wireless companies who now pollute almost every cubic metre of our environment with microwave radiation, who gave them that right? Correct - no one.

The WTO protestors may be lunatics in some ways but in others they see what COULD be the replacement of democracy by the needs of giant businesses , regardless of what the public want.