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ref date:21 Oct 1998 (ENV)
SNP to manage environmental impact

The SNP have launched a policy document that may well place a moratorium on opencast mining in Scotland if it wins control of the Scottish Parliament next May.

recent moves by London have permitted mining companies to rip up any and all Scottish countryside with scant regard of the environmental impact, of course the English countryside was NOT targeted in the same way.

This policy follows the same lines as those adopted by Thatcher on the now infamous 'spitting image' sketch as she pointed out Kent was her garden and Scotland was her 'toilet'.

Thanks Mr Blair, hopefully Scottish Labour voters will know to dump you and your myopic party.

Alex Neil, SNP vice policy convener and energy spokesperson said: "We do not believe these proposals are draconian and we want to stress that we believe an opencast industry is vitally important, especially for blending with deep-mined coal. But opencast needs to get its house in order ; we want to see a much more rigorous planning and enforcement regime."