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ref date:12 Mar 2002 (ECON)
Scottish tourism will you visit?

New and grandiose plans to 'market Scotland' and attract more tourists have been tabled by the London controlled Scottish 'executive'.

Nothing they have said addresses the issues that North American visitors must fly to London and THEN to Scotland because they keep blocking attempts to allow direct flights from ALL over the USA and Canada into Scotland. Nothing they said will help lower the very expensive fuel price in Scotland compared to England. Nothing they said will help Scotland market its offerings to the world the way Ireland does. (I see adverts for Eire frequently in California)

Kenny MacAskill, SNP shadow tourism minister, said last night that he had tabled a series of parliamentary questions to determine whether or not the new strategy would be funded to allow for marketing overseas.

Mr MacAskill said: "The executive had identified that Scotland needs to be marketed properly, and that our country should be easily accessible to tourists. This isn't news. We don't need glossy documents from the executive to state the obvious. What we need is more money to market Scotland properly. We need to let our industry punch its weight internationally."