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ref date:23 Aug 1999 (EU)
Robin Cook and not Blair to push for Monetary Union

Blair has been dithering around for nearly two years on whether or not to dump inflated interest rates and the over valued pound that has killed Scottish and English busines and take the Euro on board as the primary currency.

Now the sacrificial goat has been sent in to clear up the mess. Robin Cook, another 'Scotsman' in Blairs cabinet team is to help persuade Unions they want to join the Euro. The Unions are not the problem. They want lower interest rates and a stable true-valued currency. They understand this means jobs. Its the idiots in the South East of England, with the rule Brittania mentality that need to be persuaded that the pound is as archaic as the dodo.

Robin must feel that noose around his neck now. If its goes well, he smells of roses, if it goes badly, Blair comes out on top and runs as prime minister again next term