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ref date:27 Oct 1997 (WBA)
Scottish parliament snubbed

The Labour party becomes Tory again.

The European convention on human rights is to included in "UK" law. However, Labour claims that the English parliament in London reserves the right to veto anything it does not like (no doubt whining this is to control the IRA).

BUT The Scots parliament will be answerable to "UK" authority on these issues!

Judges will be able to strike down legislation passed by the Scottish parliament if they believe it violates people's human rights - how likely is that in Scotland!!

The decision provoked fierce criticism from the Scottish Liberal Democrats and the Scottish National Party.

However, courts will not be able able to strike down legislation passed by the Westminster Parliament, judges will be free to rule that acts approved by the Scottish parliament are unlawful on the grounds that they are incompatible with the European convention.

Labour (Jack Straw) denied that the bill was a snub to the Scottish parliament. He said: "The Scottish parliament is set up under an act of Parliament - it's in a different position from Parliament [at Westminster] which is not set up under an act of Parliament.

This of course is illegal behaviour from Labour under the so called Act of Union

Alex Salmond, the Scottish National Party leader, said: "A Scottish parliament should not be a second-rate parliament, and it should be shown the same respect as the Westminster Parliament.

"Westminster should never forget that the Scottish people are sovereign. We are quite comfortable with the idea of a court having the power to question the actions of Parliament, but it should not be one rule for Scotland and another for Westminster."

The Scots Parliament isn't sitting in Edinburgh yet and already London is dictating to it. So much for all those 'suckered' Scots who voted Labour rather than SNP...