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ref date:12 Mar 2002 (CD)
Bush needs to look home for his own terrorists

Mr Bush said: "There can be no peace in the world where differences and grievances become an excuse to target the innocent for murder. Against such an enemy, there is no immunity, and there can be no neutrality. Every terrorist must be made to live as an international fugitive, with no place to settle or organise, no place to hide, no governments to hide behind and not even a safe place to sleep."

Try telling that to the countless people, men, women and children who died in Vietnam, Korea, and more recently in Central America because many there did NOT agree with the American perspective on life and government. These differences were used as an excuse for the United States government (NOT its people) to launch their own 'Holy War' against communism, and that led to slaughter and many terrorist acts against civilians by US troops.

People in glass houses should not be throwing stones. It seems people like Oliver North, who is guilty of murder by proxy was rather honoured by his country for his state sponsored terrorism!

We DO need to control those who would destroy lives of innocents the world over, but that is a job for the U.N. agreed by the entire assembly, and NOT for the United States and its pet lap dog poodles in London.