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ref date:18 Jan 2000 (EU)
Scots EU money being STILL being stolen by greedy Westminster

The block grant of cash allocated back to Scotland under ridiculous rules set by Whitehall to squeeze taxes from Scotland at all levels is now in insidious mode.

Money allocated as 'additioanlity money' earmarked by the EU for Scotland has been withheld by Westminster as it would push Scotlands funding over the preset limits imposed by London.

Bruce Crawford (SNP) said "It does not matter how you try to open this can of worms - it always stays closed.We hope for a close examination of the whole issue and meantime we can only keep asking questions."

London will never admit is gouges Scotland for taxes far and above the monies we get given grudgingly back from the treasury down South.

We are a milk cow. Milked dry to pay for Toryesque projects under Blair, the same way we have bankrolled Westminster since the North Sea started giving its bounty of gas and oil.

Unfortunately, most Scots are NOT able to grasp the simple premise they are being taken for a ride, bled dry and left to rot slowly whilst the South enjoys the benefits.