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ref date:8 Mar 2001 (CD)
Asylum seekers and criminality in Westminster itself

In an pathetic attempt to try and stem the tide of refugees sneaking into the so called "UK", Blair has imposed fines on the EWS (English/Scottish/Welsh) railways organisation that helps run the freight services under the English channel into France.

People attempting to evade the deprivation in their homelands or persecution by despotic governments sneak onto the trains , many of them in France, and arrive in Englands green and (wholly unpleasant - some might say ) land!

Rather than Blair saying to the EU leaders we need to fix problems in their native countries, stop funding their corrupt governments - he fines the train operators.

Perhaps Blair should fine his Scottish 'MPs' who are pointing out to him that the Scots STILL want their freedom, a penny for the swear box ???