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ref date:25 Jan 2002 (HEA)
Top Scottish doctors slam awful managerial layer at Scotlands hospitals

Senior consultants at the biggest hospital trust in Scotland have delivered a verdict of no confidence in their top management. The reputation of North Glasgow University Hospitals NHS Trust is now soured beyond repair.

A letter leaked to the Glasgow herald written on behalf of the staff associations expresses the opinions of 300 consultants at the Royal Infirmary and Western Infirmary in Glasgow.

What does the London controlled Labour Scottish Executive do? Nicola Sturgeon, the shadow health minister, said: "This letter highlights some very serious problems. There is ample evidence of a serious failure of management which has adversely affected the standard of patient care. "

And then nothing....

The labour party in Scotland exists for one reason to continue to spread lies and misinformation about how great a deal the Scots get by being bound to London and how poorly we'd fair as an independent nation again. Dead people caused by rotting Scottish hospitals is a secondary concern at best.