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ref date:26 Mar 2000 (SI)
Ex Labour minister hints devolution is failing

John Rafferty was sacked by Donald Dewars pro-London luddites for his honesty and he (John) has now said that devolution is a sinking ship.

Rafferty said: "What I sense happening is that the faith of everybody who fought for devolution, the faith of young people, the faith of Scotland that this was a new dawn, that things would be different, is receding. You can feel it going. It is turning into cynicism, which is really sad."

He said many Scots felt they would be a nation again and now they feel its NOT true. Rafferty said:
"I think the danger for Scotland is that we become so disappointed in ourselves that it reinforces that bit in us where we don't hold our heads high."

Blair: the chickens are coming home to roost.