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ref date:10 Apr 1998 (ENV)
London allows slaughter of seals in Scotland

Animal welfare groups are angered and have condemned the decision by the Scottish Office (Londons way of keeping Scotland subservient to Westminster) to lift a ban on shooting seals in Shetland.

Shetland is a large island of the North coast of Scotland. More famous now as a major oil production centre, where London rakes in black gold to its coffers from Scottish seas.

Hundreds of seals are shot illegally around Shetland every year by fishermen. Now London condones the practice and has made it legal.

Perhaps we should do the same with Otters in Surrey as they eat brown trout that Southern MPs like to fly fish for? This is preposterous!

Scottish environment minister, Lord Sewel, yesterday announced that the ban on killing common seals in Shetland, in place since 1973, was to be lifted because the population was no longer under threat.