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ref date:13 Aug 1999 (WBA)
Coastguard closures in Scotland will lead to deaths

As we approach the winter season and Atlantic gales blow in we can rest assured that Westminster has our best interests at heart, as usual.

How does London display this? It shuts two of the most critical coastguard stations in Scotland.

Again, why bother, its only Scottish lives after all! Try telling that to the European fisherman or oil workers who may well have needed the help of these brave men.

And the stupid millennium dome in London cost 750 million pounds ($1.2 billion), Blair makes me sick and its time he and Westminster were kicked out of Scotland, once and for all.

Hugh Allen (secretary of the North West Fishermen’s Association) said "The Government has made a serious and potentially life-threatening error. I gave evidence to both the House of Commons Select Committee and Lord Donaldson’s inquiry looking at the future of the Coastguard service and we put forward very cogent reasons as to why these stations should not be scrapped.
Local knowledge is absolutely vital in helping the fishing boat crews and the lifeboat crews to work together when an emergency occurs. It is particularly relevant in this part of the world, where there are a number of similar sounding or identical Gaelic names. There are also a lot of places which are known by a colloquial name that would be different from the name on the chart."