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ref date:24 Apr 2003 (cd)
Westminster pulling Scotland into debt after its terrorism in Iraq
Not to labour the point. The invasion and ongoing occupation of Iraq by troops controlled by London and Washington is illegal - and EXPENSIVE.

The US economy is still tottering on the brink of the biggest collapse sine the late twenties, and given they cant find a LEGAL way to STEAL Iraqs oil to pay for their terrorist intrusion, they have at least $100 billion dollars to find to pay for it.

London has been lying to the Scots also (no surprise there then).

Gordon Brown, Blairs little pet chancellor presented a rosy view of the British economy at the last budget. However, this is NOW further called into question after official figures showed UK finances plunged £1.2bn further into the red than the chancellor forecast in his Budget just two weeks ago.


Your people need health , education and jobs. You give them jingoism, slaughter and lies.