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ref date:18 Feb 2001 (CD)
Iraq punished to divert attention for US and UK faltering governments

There was nothing in the peace treaty signed by Iraq that said they could not build radar installations to defend their capital from ANY aggressor. There was NO U.N. sanctioning of the outrageous UK and US mission against Iraq last week.

In a time where Tony Blair faces severe losses in his power at home in the "UK" election in 10 weeks or so, and when George Bush Jr looks over the announcement of almost 100,000 lay offs announced since he came to power a few weeks ago, they cooked up a 'little war' to raise the flag and dumb down the idiots and war mongers in their populations.

Its sad. The issues in the USA and UK over government policy get submerged in sabre rattling gone wild, in bombing raids that are indeed like Hitlers attacks on the old Czechoslovakia, bombings NOT sanctioned by the UN that make the "UK" and USA maverick states committing what ARE almost terrorist acts themselves.

Iraqs best answer is to INSIST they sell their oil in Euros and NOT US dollars , a peaceful and legal retaliation on two idiot leaders, GBJr and Tony Blur that will do maximum damage to their misbegotten "leaderships".