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ref date:10 Apr 2001 (CD)
Trident nuclear subs defend NO ONE

The presence of Trident submarines carrying nuclear weapons in Scottish waters is an abomination.

The pathetic devolved Scottish 'parliament' is not even legally able to discuss the presence of these weapons of mass destruction that are under LONDONS control and maintained by the US/"UK" military as this matter is 'reserved to Westminster'.

Most Scots do NOT feel protected by Trident nor US early warning systems deployed for US interests only. All we see is pollution, sabre rattling and the air of English imperial arrogance that they can site them on our soil and in our seas with impunity.

Protestors who shouted out at the Scottish 'executive' were bundled off and charged, so much for freedom of expression, so much for nationhood. The only nationhood Blair and Westminster seems to understand is backed up by missile (penis) fixation, Blair and Bush have them and Saddam wants one. Its pathetic.