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ref date:3 Feb 2003 (wba)
One word too many
Many people see helping asylum seekers from ANY country as the very personification of democracy and all that is best in human nature and IT IS.

However, radical and dangerous comments that truly stir at the roots of terrorism were spoken by a Muslim leader shunned by most of his OWN people.

Abu Hamza al-Masri said of the Columbia disaster "The Muslim people see these pilots as criminals. By going into space they would have sharpened the accuracy of their bombs through satellites. These missions would increase the number of satellites for military purposes. It would increase the slavery of governance of other countries by America. It is a punishment from God. Muslims see it that way. It is a trinity of evil because it carried Americans, an Israeli and a Hindu, a trinity of evil against Islam.? "

Even I think this is disgusting. Best deport him to any country that would take him, but not even the leading clerics in Iraq, Iran, Saudi, Malaysia or Indonesia want THIS kind of lunatic.