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ref date:27 Jul 1999 (ECON)
SNP highlight inward investment scam in Scotland

John Swinney, the SNP enterprise minister, said: "Locate in Scotland is one of the most successful inward investment agencies in Europe, indeed the world. Any attempt by London Labour to place the dead hand of Treasury control over it - for no other purpose than to placate opinion in middle England for political reasons - could only lead to the loss of investment and jobs from Scotland."

He was referring to plans to let the treasury in London veto inward investment plans that London would rather place in England, to Scotlands detriment. These plans are another clear breach of the Treaty of Union 1707 which guaranteed unfettered access to all markets for the Scots FREE OF ENGLISH interference.

In Novem ber 1997 Dewar said he would not let this happen , any lie to win