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ref date:18 Mar 1999 (WBA)
Dewar snubs Scots on St.Patricks day in Washington

Dewar should NEVER have gone to Washington on St.Patricks day of all days, has he forgotten his role in life at the moment is to try and look after Scotlands best interests?

Instead he tried to get a nice photograph with President Clinton to use in the election campaign to try and make Scottish Labour Voters (sheep) keep voting the same old way without ever asking WHY are we doing this? What are we getting from this? What use will a London controlled Scottish parliament be?

He wasnt there battling for Scottish jobs.

No matter.

Dewar should have pitched up on 'tartan day' April 6th to TELL Clinton how much he disapproves of the USA trying to strong arm the EU into submission over potassium rich fruit.

Donald, bananas, thats all you need to know.