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ref date:27 Sep 2002 (si)
Blair urges more Americana onto UK population
BLAIR spouts garbage as usual....
"It is time to acknowledge that the 1945 settlement (for the National Health Service and state standardised education)was a product of its time and we must not be a prisoner of it.Labour created the NHS and the welfare state. These are our Crown jewels, built by our political heroes, so it is understandable that suggesting that they are no longer good enough and must be radically reformed can touch raw nerves."

As always, governor Blair of the newest US state has his misty eyes fixed on the broken, unworkable, inefficient U.S. systems of non-private schools and 'free enterprise' health care on which to model the "UK"

He is an IDIOT!!!! Having lived in the U.S. for almost 8 years now (to escape the misery of London rule over Scotland) I've seen the total foul up that is the American education and health care system.

A system where parents will pay $900,000 rather than $400,000 dollars for the same house JUST to be in a 'good' school district (even though they are ALL below average Euro standards).

A system where Medicare and Medicaid can barely keep people alive and where insurance companies decide if you live or die.

Tell Blair to throw himself into some abyss somewhere, or at least fly to the USA and run as governor of some US state where his rampant views will be more in tune with local sentiment. The Scots do NOT agree with his ideas, the ideas of Westminster.