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ref date:20 Nov 2000 (WBA)
Blairs stance on Human Rights is disgusting

Blair and his bully boys under a flag of jingoism cried victory after forcing the Europeans to concede the European Convention on Human Rights needs NOT be legally binding in "UK" Courts...

The man is not fit to lead any country that claims to be a democracy

When every other civilised Western democracy is enshrining safety mechanisms into their legal system to protect the individual Blair follows the American government lead of tighter controls over movement, freedom of speech and basic human rights.

However, any breach of the convention could be taken to Europe anyway, bypassing Blairs kangaroo courts.

Blair has learned a lot from his Chinese teachers....

How to encrypt your email and disk files
ONCE you use these tools KEEP YOUR KEY SAFE. Put it on a floppy disk and put it somewhere secure....

Disk/Email encryption
Encrypting communications - keeping your stuff hidden from prying eyes whilst you connect across the internet

If you are using ssh you mist connect to an ssh server at the REMOTE end.

Keep you SSH keys safe, the UK government can still try and forceably remove your key from you, in true dictatorial style.

Help os using PGP and SSH SSH HELP PGP HELP