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ref date:19 Aug 1999 (ECON)
How many more snubs must Scotland endure

The Scots keep voting LONDON BASED parties into power, always labour, always the same story. The short end of the stick.

Look at the ship building decline story

  • Tories close Rosyth naval yard and give work to Devonport
  • Devonport cannot do work on the Trident submarines that Rosyth could do
  • tridents go to Virginia USA for refits. Rosyth workers out of work
  • VSEL undercuts Govan on the Clyde and jobs go at Govan
  • VSEL cannot do the refit work, it goes abroad again.
  • Govan yard all but collapses and is bought by Kvaerner
  • Kvaerner all but closes the yard

    How much more obvious can it be? Westminster will NOT help the Scots, it doesn't care about the Scots, so why do the Scots keep voting labour like a collection of lemmings?