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ref date:10 Apr 2001 (ENV)
Double standards over childrens health

The idiot Scottish 'executive' has seen fit to condemn a dentist who (quite wrongly) made a fortune using many Xrays on child patients and then billing the NHS.

They understand the risk of Xray exposure to children

However, with NO sound research for dangers associated with constant exposure to microwaves from wireless (cell) towers or the phones themselves they happily let wireless companies fill our homes with this radiation 24 hours a day and TAX them. PROFIT BEFORE PEOPLE.

Their ignorant response is usually 'unlike Xrays which are an ionising form of radiation, microwaves dont' ionize' - SO STICK YOUR HEAD IN A MICROWAVE OVEN AT LOW POWER 24 HOURS A DAY... DO YOU THINK ITS SAFE?

There is mountains of GOOD research that shows the towers themselves can cause serious biochemical and tissue damage.