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ref date:25 Feb 2003 (si)
US and UK double standards over Kurds and freedom
The Scots as an indepedent nation would not have to give access to Englands weapons of mass destruction (trident), not to the US bases scattered across the country that do nothing more than extend an umbrella for US interests and make Scotland a target for anyone who does not like the USA for any reason.


  • The USA would like to model a liberated Iraq on Turkey
  • Great! Turkey is NOT in the EU as a member because of its abysmal human rights record, very similar to the corrupt rogue US backed states of Israel, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia
  • The Turks would help open a Northern front against Iraq
  • The Kurds are terrified of the Turks having been persecuted by them for centuries

  • The USA deplores the slaughter of Kurds by Iraqs troops
  • The USA permitted Iraqs troops to cross US lines on foot and with helicopter gunships after the gulf war and kill thousands of Kurdish men, women and children as george Bush senior decided to pull OUT of supporting the Kurdish uprising

  • The USA deplores the use of chemical and other weapons of mass destruction
  • Thats why they used agent orange and gigantic bombs to level jungle and slaughter thousands of civilians in Korea and Vietnam in their OWN holy jihad against communism

  • Toppling Saddam would bring peace to the middle East
  • What a joke! the removal of the Jewish state or a negotiated, all encompassing jewish/Arab peace treaty would do that

  • The USA deplores the spread of weapons of mass destruction
  • Thats why Israel and Pakistan (nasty states) have US supplied mass destruction technology or tacitly approved development
    And best of all......

  • The USA will hunt down and impose its will and morality on all states that sponsor or harbour terrorists
    The USA let millions of dollars flow into the "UK" and Eire to fund the manufacture of bombs and the purchase of guns that led to the deaths of over 3000 people in Ireland and England.
    The USA did NOTHING to stop this. They also protected convicted IRA terrorists in the USA for decades and refused to extradite them as they were 'freedom fighters'.