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ref date:3 Nov 1998 (ECON)
Labours Dewar still befuddled over Scots economy

Figures from the House of Commons in London clearly state that an independent Scotland would have the 7th highest GDP in the world. An independent report from the financial house Salomon Smith Barney (June 1998) say that Scotland would be able to join the Euro as an independent state almost immediately, and yet Dewar, with his puppet like strings pulled by Blair in London still tries to say Scotland couldn't make it by itself.

Mr Dewar is probably correct when he says that 20% of all jobs in Scotland depend on trade within the "UK". But Does he really think that dependence is ONE sided. Does he think that people in North East England , who depend on cross border trade would ever allow London to interfere with their trade with Scotland?

Doesn't old Donald realise that England and Scotland BOTH within the EU would BOTH HAVE TO HAVE OPEN FREE TRADE, or face the wrath of the European courts and partners....

Labour: you are worse than pathetic. Try harder. Grow up.