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ref date:20 Jul 2000 (HEA)
Scots poverty makes death rate as high as poor Romania

Countrywide statistics released for Scotland show that Scotlands death rate per 1000 head of population is 11.8 making Scotland subject to higher mortality than Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland and on a near footing with Romania (12.0) Russia (13.6) and Hungary (13.9).

Englands death rate is 10.5 whilst the USA rate is 8.6 !

Shadow Health Minister Kay Ullrich said of the figures "a damning indictment" of London rule, which supported the case for independence.

She went on to say "Scotland is a resource-rich, oil-rich country, yet we have a similar mortality rate to that of Romania."

"These statistics are clearly connected to the widespread poverty that exists in Scotland and our high incidence of cancer and heart disease."

So why do the Scots keep voting labour, which is the same as voting for London rule? Why do lemmings like cliffs?