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ref date:12 Sep 2000 (ECON)
Work permits a dumb idea for high tech workers

Barbara Roche, Home Office minister has said that they (Westminster) may start to introduce US-Style work permits to attract foreign talent in to the "UK", which now has an awful skill (as well as petrol shortage...).

She said "One approach would be to make the system even more market-based by making a work permit contingent primarily on a job offer at a sufficiently high level rather than seeking to identify employment sectors with shortages,"

The morons in Westminster don't understand that all the best people leave Scotland and England because the taxes are too high, the fuel costs are too high, the standards in education and healthcare have dropped and the economy is bound to the stupid pound. Make the country more attractive to your OWN people then you wouldn't need work permits. The H1 system in the US does also cause race and union problems.