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ref date:26 Sep 2000 (WBA)
Englands chancellor continues with punishing fuel taxes

Gordon Brown said of the PUBLICALLY SUPPORTED FUEL TAX PROTESTS "So I tell you the country does face a choice, and there should now be a great national debate. As we debate this choice - with the farmers and hauliers, and also with the nurses and health service workers, the teachers and public servants, people working in manufacturing, service, and exporting sectors, and all those who depend on our public services . . . all the hard-working families of Britain. This national debate is too important ever to be decided by those who shout the loudest or push the hardest."

The man is a fool. Everyone who drives, everyone who spends one penny is affected by the punitive fuel taxes levied by Westminster. he has been told by ALL DRIVER, to cut his ridiculous levels of fuel tax. This is not a minority opinion