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ref date:18 Feb 2001 (WBA)
Labour kills off proportional representation

Blairs hell hounds in Scotland are lambasting their Liberal-Democrat colleagues, the same ones who have supported this figment of a Scottish government and parliament since it started.

Labour is trying to get an outright majority in Scotlands puppet 'parliament' so it can do as its masters in London tell it EVERY TIME, with no complaints from Liberal coalition partners - consider it a dirty divorce!

Labour is planning to scrap the FAIR SYSTEM of proportional representation for Scottish councils becuase Labour would LOSE MOST OF THEM to the SNP and Liberals... and that just wouldn't make Mr Blair happy, so Henry 'poodle' McLeish is to backtrack on that promise made to the Scottish people, hoping that the piddling tax bribes offered by London will buy the Scots off.

The sad thing is, most Scottish Labour voters are so narrow minded and short sighted it will probably work....