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ref date:31 Dec 2001 (WBA)
Dvd editor helps brainwash kids

A Utah based company in the united states has developed software that will cover up almost anything from gore to boobs and bums on DVD based media 'to protect children'.

Perhaps parents should NOT watch these films with their children in the first place. Perhaps the message of the film will be lost as it takes the TRUE horror out of saving private Ryan and makes a nice, clean, wholesome, 'family' version - HIDING THE TRUTH ABOUT DEATH and the folly in war from kids.

Trilogy, the company producing the software, is part-owned by Marie Osmond, the singing star, and by Larry King, the CNN television interviewer.

How very American, puritanical. Just remember the puritans spent time raping their daughters, they were NOT the epitome of family values either.....