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ref date:6 Feb 2001 (ECON)
Holiday homes raping the Scottish countryside

We saw that the national parks in Scotland are nothing more than figments of a deluded imagination as developers rushed in to build holiday homes in the Trossachs. Now we see the same thing all over again in Nethy Bridge as Eagle Star insurance plans to destroy rare woodland and even more rare wildlife to build more holiday homes.

Its sickening. Scotland is the dumping ground for the UKs over-wealthy Southern English homeowners as well as nuclear waste, and although they may not be radioactive their influence on local economies and the environment is just as damaging. This is NOT rural revival, but a continuation in decline.

Local Edith Robertson said "More than 60% of the homes here are holiday homes now. There's no work in the area, so I can only think it will be more of the same. "They're (the homes) are no good to the local economy. The people who own them are only here for a small part of the year."