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ref date:7 Mar 2001 (ENV)
Childhood cancers and Electromagnetic radiation

For one I reproduce and entire item as it appeared in th online Edition of the Herald newspaper in Scotland today.
Radiation risk found in 125,000 UK homes


AS MANY as 125,000 homes in the UK could be harbouring enough electromagnetic radiation to double the risk of childhood leukemia, a team of scientists said yesterday.

The surprise finding emerged during an investigation to establish whether there was a link between cancer and high-voltage overhead power lines.

The efforts of the National Radiological Protection Board's advisory group on non-ionising Radiation showed that 80% of homes with strong electromagnetic fields were not even close to pylons.

The group was chaired by epidemiologist Sir Richard Doll, who said: "The discovery that most high exposures are away from power lines is new.

"We do need to find out what causes these exposures."

It was likely to be house wiring or the local electricity distribution network, he added.

The report concluded that one in 200 homes in the UK is exposed to average electromagnetic fields above 0.4 micro-Tesla.

Studies examined by the scientists suggested that across the general population the risk of a child suffering leukemia before the age of 15 was one in 1400 but this doubled to one in 700 for levels over 0.4 micro-Tesla.

Some studies also showed a possibility that high exposure to electromagnetic fields in the workplace may increase the risk of leukemia and brain cancer.

-March 7th

WHY? For the same reason I am sick and tired of big money wireless companies either 'buying science' or bare faced lying over the 'safety' of their phones and WORSE their cell towers/masts/arrays covering every one of us every day, 24 hours a day in non-ionising MICROWAVE radiation when there is NO PROOF this is safe.

The point is that NO ONE has spent sufficient time or money to do detailed independent, scientifically peer-reviewed epidemiological studies looking at long term exposure to 'magnetic/electric' fields from power lines OR from the 'new experiment' being performed on us all, the 'wireless revolution' and its microwave emissions.