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ref date:4 Feb 2003 (econ)
Emtpy shopping mall, empty parliamentary promises
The Scottish parliament has delivered nothing of worth in Scotland, unless you're a fox.

The expensive 120 million ($200 million) redevelopment of the Leith docks area into a swish (and always empty) shopping mall/centre is another of the white elephants brought forth through bad planning.

Couple with plans to erect a 120 foot high silver 'super hero like' figure over the beautiful Forth estuary in Kirkcaldy and you get the picture. Lots of show and glitz and NO returns on investment. Things you can point to and say 'LOOK', but never hear a good word because its a sham, part of the smoke screen London pushed via the Scottish parliament whilst they suck our oil and gas dry and send our men and women off to die in some bloody desert to help protect oil supplies for the USA and an obvious penis deficiency in leading (nameless) 'British' politicians.

Terry Smith, property director of owner Forth Ports adds: "We always knew it would take a while. Were not struggling to get any business and its purely a case of filling gaps."

The gaps are between the Scottish voters ears - vote for Westminster and you'll get more of the same.