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ref date:29 Oct 1997 (WBA)
English lord decries Scots

Sir George Russell, chairman of National Lottery organisers Camelot, claimed that Scotland has received an unjustly high level of public funding and had benefited from pro-Scottish favouritism by successive governments for years.

Is the start of the English backlash that Margaret Thatcher promised the Scots? Oh, I'm trembling in my boots.

To hell with him and all the over subsidised lackies South of the border.

The Treasury department in London admits it has been bleeding Scotland dry since at least 1979, squandering Scotlands oil wealth.

What is worse is all Scotlands 'quake in the pants' Labour voters, voted to let it continue by electing Tony Blair, rather than having the spine to vote for the SNP and give a well deserved finger to Westminster.

For more details on the subsidy lie that was disclosed by the Treasury in London see HERE