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ref date:30 Dec 2001 (ECON)
Euro currency must be embraced by SNP for Scotlands sake

Neil Kinnock, once leader of the Labour party when it WAS caring and socialist (rather than Tony Blairs re-invented Toryism) has been a senior "UK" representative in Europe for years now. He says that now 12 countries are using the Euro in the public hands on a day to day basis that most shops in Scotland and England will accept the currency ANYWAY as it IS legal tender in the E.U. Tourists would NOT buy STUPID pounds!

Kinnock said "People will quickly realise that when they touch a euro their fingers will not drop off, despite the attempts of anti-Europeans to portray it as some sort of dreadful plague".

The SNP MUST get assurances from the European parliament that an INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND would be a full member of the EU free of Londons shackles.